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Bill King Custom Knife set ( 12 )


This is a set of 12 with sheath.Steel is 12c27 1/8" stainless Rockwell 59-61. Blade is 3 1/8 drop point Skinner, Indian stage handle 4 1/2 with stainless hilt, built in 1992-1993, one a month for 12 months. Auction starts with complete set of 12 for 7 days shipping is included in purchase price. Mr. Bill King Knife maker; My first knife was a filet in 1976 made from a sabre saw blade. Progressed to hunting, boot, folders in lockbacks, linerlocks, and finally automatics. Ats-34 is the primary blade steel and some Damascus from various makers. Liners and springs are of titanium and usually anodized. Some file work on blades and most liners. Various handle materials including micartas, circuit-boards, wood, stag, buffalo, , pearl, and oosik. Custom work to customer's specifications. Prices vary from $100 to $1200 while most are $200 to $600. Bona fided orders usually take 3 plus months. Bill King is a charter member of the Florida Knifemakers Association and the local Gators Knife Club. Regularly attends FKA, Gator, Gun & Knife shows in Central Florida, and The Blade Show in Atlanta. Mentored by Frank Centofante and Melvin Pardue in the 1970's. Shipping of autos are to Florida addresses only.

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